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February 1st, 2006.
The Jack Fleming Gallery of the Day. ALL PHOTOS By Jack Fleming

The Perfect Barrel Sequence of Kevin "KEVLAR" Rafferty
Photo 1 Kevin sets up for what he hopes to be a sweet hollow section...

"KEVLAR" Photo 2 For sure he's thinking about one thing here, and it ain't the fact that he's a new daddy to a beautiful baby girl, no he's thinking about getting out of this cavern so he can live to see his baby...

"KEVLAR" Photo 3...he made it! Think he was stoked? Imagine how stoked he'll be when he sees these photos!

Some people will look you in the eye and tell you that you don't REALLY get good waves in New England. All you have to do is remember this photo and them smile and walk away.

Mike Stanek hit the brakes and found himself stuffed in this wide open hole.

Why do we get giddy when we see shots like this? I mean, it's not like we all haven't been there before. UNKNOWN takes a February thrashing in New England.

The postioning in Barrel riding is preceded by either stepping on the brakes or stepping on the gas.
Billy Ritchie has it down as he applies the brakes for...

...this nice little...


Last Summer we all stared with envy at a photo of local guy Mike Moran slotted in a HUGE Heaving Beast of a Barrel in Puerto Escondido...Jack says this sequence is payback for getting that great wave and proving that Mike is a mortal human being after all.
Photo 1 Mike at the bottom of a HUGE set wave trys to regain composure

Photo 2 Mike feels a shift in his weight and balance and realizes that all is not good...

Photo 3 Mike falls and in one last act of defiance flips off the world through his web gloves...

Photo 4 Humiliated by the sequence of events, Mike lands hard on his butt, still throwing the bird skyward...

Photo 5 Like all ocean waves, the end comes swiftly and Mike gets swallowed up and digested. (Burp)