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I still energetically paint but don’t show my art often as of late. The transition from living in Europe to the USA to Panama, and the focus on completing the resort in Panama has been all consuming.

My influences are grounded in NC Wyeth and Maxfield Parrish, and this led to an interest in Bill Ogden’s surf art of the 70’s. Lately, I have been loosening up my style through my interest in the New Hope School of painting that comes from my family’s ties to Bucks County Pennsylvania. This influence can be seen in my painting of the Salani Lagoon. I am currently working on a collection of New Hampshire paintings that will use some of this style, as well as the tighter glazed oil techniques that are my foundation.

I still sell my art and interested parties can reach me at, or 603 682 4442….yes, I still have a New Hampshire number.







  USS Michael Murphy