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February 1st, 2006.
The Nick LaVecchia Gallery of the Day. ALL PHOTOS By Nick LaVecchia

Another Perfect Barrel and another contender for Barrel Shot of the Century in New England. Rider:Rob Jones

Big Bottom Turn Rider: UNKNOWN

Same day, different location, but the same stoke.

Back against the Wall with a heaving section ahead. Rider: UNKNOWN

Why stand when you can lay down...ON YOUR BACK! Recliner: UNKNOWN

Beautiful Barrel...but who's head is that popping through the lip? *Really...look at this wave. This is New England.

UNKNOWN throwing some spray on a nice turn.

Kevin "DOC" Grondin coming hard off the bottom for the millionth time in his career

Mike Stanek backed up inside a heaving Beast

The end of the day for one Surfer and the begining of a Rush for another